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I’ve been testing the MK Dripper since late November to see if it can hold its own against other flat bed drippers. I can honestly say the MK Dripper has the capability to deliver excellent brews while looking fabulous at the same time. The design, craftsmanship and materials used exudes a premium feel and look while offering excellent flowrate and stable heat in the brew bed. It’s very easy to brew with… one can use varying grind sizes and brewing techniques to fit individual preferences and recipes. Expect well balanced cups with clear flavour notes, sweetness and brightness are also well pronounced.

Alvin Cheng

I have been testing the dripper for some time and are really satisfied with the brews I get out of it. Especially, I like how the dripper hightligh acidity and sweetness in my final cup. I mostly use smaller doses from 12-16 grams with four to five pours, alternating between circle and center pours. The MK dripper have quickly become one of my favorite drippers, which is impressing since it is a brand new product

Ole Kristian Bøen

The MK Dripper is a modern take on a classic design. The iconic flat bottom dripper shape is redesigned to improve flow-rate throughout the entire brewing process. I love that I can grind finer and brew faster in a beautiful and expressive piece.

Elika Kilakila Liftee